Training you can trust.

American Pressure Inc. is proud to have one of the most
skilled and highly trained staff in the industry.

New revenue stream.

Contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada
rely on the Arctic Steamer to help homeowners solve
ice dam challenges.

High temps. Low pressure.

By using high temperature water at 290° F applied
at low pressures.


Why the Arctic Steamer system is right for you.

  • Designed for Ice Dam Removal in sub-zero temperatures
  • Safer results
  • Faster melting
  • Low Impact
  • Gentle Low Pressure Steam
  • Non-damaging to roof materials
  • 290° F temperature
  • Chemical-free solution

Rugged. Safe. Effective.

  • Allows for removal of ice from roofs, ice from downspouts, removal of ice from gutters, and more
  • Incorporates high temperatures and low pressure for superior results
  • Flash steam is gentle on shingles and other material; it won’t remove paint from styrofoam
  • User-friendly application wand
  • Rugged, mobile machine
  • Effective at below-freezing temperatures, used by contractors to -20º F



High temps. Low pressure. Optimum results.


What makes the Arctic Steamer different from other ice dam removal solutions? Optimal water temperatures at 290º F, low-pressure application, and safe, effective melting are just some of the reasons contractors choose the Arctic Steamer.

Pounding, hammers, chisels, chemicals, salt and pressure washers will often cause damage to shingles and roofs, and are best suited for melting ice from sidewalks and parking lots. Using high temperature water that flashes into gentle steam in a pattern that quickly cuts solid ice, the Arctic Steamer provides effective ice dam melting results that are safer for homes and businesses.

  • No Hammer
  • No Chlorine
  • Complete ice removal
  • Professional equipment for the professional contractor



Ice dams and the Arctic Steamer. Keeping contractors busy… and profitable!

Contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada rely on the Arctic Steamer to help their customers solve ice dam challenges. Dams form near the edge of the roof, under skylights, or where heat escapes, and are the result of differing temperatures between the edge and center portions of the roof. Water then pools behind the dam and seeps into the building, causing damage to insulation, sheet rock, electrical and structural materials.By partnering with American Pressure, we can help contractors have busy and profitable business in the winter months. Offering quick ROI and superior melting results with products such as the Arctic Steamer, we can help you develop trusting, lasting, profitable relationships with your customers throughout the entire year.




Training you can trust.


American Pressure Inc. is proud to serve you with industry-leading staff, knowledge and equipment for the removal of ice dams in a way that is profitable for contractors and gives peace of mind to the homeowner. Our roof steamer professionals are available to demonstrate the Arctic Steamer equipment and offer training on proper use and winterization of the equipment so contractors can use their Arctic Steamer to remove the worst ice dam buildup with ultimate confidence.  We also bring our proven equipment training to you, a DVD is included with each machine purchased.



The Arctic Steamer technical features.

  • Easy winterize float tank with stainless steel lid
  • Fuel cap with fuel level gauge
  • Low amp draw for portability and reliability
  • Industrial pump, motor and burner assembly
  • Easy to service, troubleshoot and repair
  • Designed to specifically remove ice dams in cold climates
  • Water separating fuel filter
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Can support 1,000 feet of steamer hose for extra-large jobs


The Arctic Steamer is available for contractors anywhere in the U.S. and Canada where ice dams are a problem. Contractors are happily and profitably operating Arctic Steamers in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin and West Virginia; and in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, Canada.

Call 763-521-4442 or email [email protected] to order your Arctic Steamer ice dam solution today. NOTE:We will contact you within a few business hours upon recieving your form submission. Steamers in stock and ready to ship.


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